Wednesday, February 25, 2009

About me


I am Yoshie Enda from Japan.
Currently, I am enrolled in the Jewelry and Metalsmithing program at RISD.
As a first year graduate student, I am exploring what I want to make.

I am interested in the idea of flow or cycle and things that are hard to visualize, but always around us.
I get inspiration from water circulation, our body mechanisms, electricity,electromagneticity, life cycle, etc.

My most recent exciting investigation is electroforming because the electro-bath reminds me of a smaller scale version of our cosmos.

I am striving to create a piece of jewelry that contains deep and mysterious powers.

I hope my piece conveys a feeling of happiness to the wearer!!!!


  1. Nice introduction. What would you hope to achieve/reach for during your time at RISD?

  2. Thank you Rebecca!!
    I hope I can develop some starting points to be a maker.
    Is it still not clear?
    Honestly, I don't know yet,
    but I'm really fascinated about electroforming right now.

  3. Hi Yoshie Enda from Japan, congratulations for your interest in making jewelry taking ideas from electromagneticity, I hope you reach your piece conveys a feeling of happiness...

    sincerely.... your old friend Sergio Avalos